About us

About us


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What our clients say

We offer guarantee on all of our services. This means that we would monitor how the solutions and projects work and if necessary offer modifications.

Our solutions are not only tailored for our customers they are also effective. Our aim in to prepare solutions that are easy to use and which can be implemented without business distortion.

One of our traits it our ability to work with our clients. When we are doing projects with for our customers we work closely with them on awry step taking into account their suggestions.

We create trust between our clients and us by being 100% transparent in our work. We inform about any obstacles that could delay the project.





Our mission

We want to become all-in-one place for businesses and entrepreneurs for their growth plans and international expansion

TENEBRIS LLC was founded in 2018 by Dominik Sinica, business consultant located in Europe. 


Company also operates in UK (SIN-TRADE Ltd) and Poland (SIN-TRADE sp. z.o.o.).


TENEBRIS LLC mission is to help businesses to enter and to do business in Europe, especially in Poland, Scandinavia, Eastern and Southern Europe. We operate as a online business, which allows us to minimize costs for our clients. This enables us to be more flexible in regards to client expectations. TENEBRIS LLC can also focus its costs on client representation in the field. 


In order to build solid presence in European Union as well as Eastern Europe you need a partner that can stimulate your growth in those regions, partner that understands the mentality of your potential buyers and who will be able to assist you in complex trade negotiations. We can provide you those things, furthermore we can represent your organisation in EU parliament as a lobbyist in order to present your concern on issues that could effect you business in European Union. This service is done through our Polish operation. We can help you to set up a subsidiary or branch of your company in Poland if you would want to be present materially in the EU.


Through our Polish company we can take care of accounting and management issues for you when investing in Poland.


By working in Poland and UK we gained valuable international experience that we would like to use for our clients benefits. 


We are in ongoing professional development in order to be prepared for any challenges that our customers would face.




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