08 January 2021

Introducing TENEBRIS LLC

a Business consulting and International development Company


Thirst of all I would like to welcome you dear readers to this blog. Its idea is to share some insides of world of business, international trade and development.

I also welcome you to share your thoughts about topics that will be covered here. As exchange of ideas is always stimulating for our brains.




TENEBRIS LLC is a consulting company specializing in business consulting, management consulting and international trade development. We are representing our clients in doing business in Europe by searching for buyers and sellers, being their representatives on the European continent and even acting as lobbyist in EU Parliament or Polish Parliament.

By my person TENEBRIS is very closely related to SIN-TRADE Ltd (UK consulting firm) and SIN-TRADE sp. z.o.o. (Polish consulting firm – which is also registered lobbyist in Poland and EU Parliament).


I will not be lying we are a young company that was opened in State of Delaware in 2018. The reason for opening this company was to introduce our services USA clients who want to develop internationally. Another reason of opening the company in Delaware was to give United States clients safety of being protected by US law.


Thanks to the internet we work online, as that we are in Europe. Thanks to that we can fulfill our obligations to clients even better.


Person behind TENEBRIS LLC


I think that it would be nice to introduce myself, since I presented the company. My name is Dominik Sinica, I graduated law at University of Derby at the same Uni I did LLM in International and Comparative Law and later MBA. I am a Member of: Chartered Managers Institute, Institute of Internal Auditors and Institute of Banking in Ireland. At the moment I am in process of obtaining CIMA qualification (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants). Overall I poses 12 years of work experience gathered from different companies and positions. I decided to start TENEBRIS in order to put in use my education and experience in service of other companies who would like to try expanding into Europe. My vision is to empower micro and small enterprises to act beyond domestic market. In my view anyone can export you just have to find the right buyers.


Purpose of this Blog


I would like to use this blog to give some insights for people who are thinking about stating their business and to those who already have one.


From experience I know that it is difficult to do this. I will be also explaining the services that we provide and markets that we work in. Hopefully the blog will also go beyond only business things, but we shall see.


I really look forward this new adventure.

Introducing TENEBRIS LLC  




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