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If you are located outside Europe, investing or moving/starting business on European Continent can be seen as difficult. Not knowing business customs, looking for ideal place to located business and finally dealing with local authorities can be troublesome.


This is why most people and businesses think that opening something abroad is reserved only for big corporations. The truth is that it is not. The owner of this Company did it himself. By possessing international business experience he decided to go internationally. You just need a little of bit confidence and good advisors to help you with this step.


TENEBRIS LLC offers you help in investing projects in Poland. You can be individual entrepreneur who wants to start a business or you can be a company that would like to open manufacturing facility or provide services in Europe. We will help you obtain your goal by sourcing best place for your company.


You can be also a company that would like to open a branch in order to be present in EU. By saying that, having manufacturing facility in EU will give your products 'EU Made' label which would mean easier sales within EU and sometimes beyond it. This move could generate bigger profits for your business.


We will deal with local authorities so the process will go smoothly. Our job will be go through all stages on investment: from planning to opening it. We can also look for small and medium businesses that are for sale.

Service includes:

-business registration

- assistance in recruitment process

- assistance in opening a bank account

- contact with local authorities

Investment Assistance in EU and Eastern and Southern Europe




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