There is a time that every business decides to expand overseas. Reason for that is the desire of company owners to increase their presence in the market and to generate more profits.

However selling abroad can be difficult, especially if you are located in North America, South America, Central America, Asia, Australia or Africa and you want to sell your products/services in Europe. The distance, time difference and even business cultural differences can create slowdown in your desired expansion.

Furthermore your clients would like to have fast response to their question or even to see you on regular basis.

The Representative Service in Europe is a service dedicated to all businesses who would like to expand their sales in UK, EU and Eastern and Southern Europe in order to maximize their profits. You will have a dedicated team that will promote and build your sales in Poland and Scandinavia.

We will source prospective clients and we will meet with in order to present your business and products that you offer.

Our team will negotiate sales terms under your instructions. We will be point of first contact to your European Clients and if there will be any problems we will promptly visit them.

By choosing this service your company will save money and time on your European operations.

The best thing regarding this service is that it is not directed only to big companies. Any company of any size can benefit from this service.

Our experience in sales and doing business in UK, EU and Eastern and Southern Europe makes us good partners for your business.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss available options or if you would like create custom service that will be dedicated specifically to your company.

If you are a young start-up you would like to expand internationally with limited costs attached, by choosing TENEBRIS LLC you can make this happen. We will help you expand your sales (and profits) in Europe as well as awareness of your company to European customers.

Representation Services in UK, EU and Eastern and Southern Europe




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