(1) The above prices would depend on the amount of work and complexity of the project. We provide discounts for monthly retainers in regards to consulting services and for long term clients.


(2) In regards to commission in business investments (opening a new business, opening new manufacturing place etc.) the amount to be paid would be the difference between commission and hourly rate. For example hourly rate would be $2000 and the commission would be $3000, the client would have to pay the hourly rate and $1000 commission ($3000 - $2000 = $1000) in case where the commission would be $1800 then there would be no commission charge, ($1800 - $2000 = -$200). The percentage of commission depends on the amount of investment. The higher the investment lower the commission.


(3) Price for the representation service would depend on the type of goods or services that customer wants to sell abroad (into Europe) and number of territories that company is interested to enter.

Price List

Service Duration USD Commission
Management Consulting(1) per hour 90 -
Marketing Consulting(1) per hour 80 -
Strategic Consulting(1) per hour 90 -
Investment Assistance in Europe(2) per hour 120

3-10% of the investment value

minus hourly rate

Business Representation in Europe

Export representative outsourcing(3)

per month per territory from 1900 3% of sales value





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